Ramping up Russophobia: New UK study finds that every second Russian in London is a spy

As many as half of the 150,000 Russian citizens in London are allegedly informants, according to a new study by the Henry Jackson Society thinktank. The report has not failed in causing a new wave of “spy hysteria” in British media. The 75,000 alleged informants are also actively assisting Moscow’s secret service. The study also warned of a huge increase of Russian case officers in the UK over the past eight years, with 200 officers handling an estimated 500 agents. The report also claimed that approximately 50% of Russian Embassy diplomats are also allegedly actively engaged in intelligence work. The report also claims that the number of spies outnumbers that of Cold War Levels. The Telegraph cited Oleg Gordievsky, the KGB colonel who was a double agent for MI6, estimated there were 39 Soviet case officers in 1985.

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