MOSCOW, November 28. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the United States to abandon the policy of unilateral sanctions and seek common ground.

“What advice can be offered here? To abandon this policy (of unilateral sanctions – TASS) and seek common ground. We are ready for that, we want that. I said this more than once. I hope that, if we can talk with the US president in Argentina, we will discuss that too,” Putin said at the “Russia calling!” VTB Capital Investment Forum when asked how relations between Russia and the US could be improved.

According to Putin, the US administration should find consensus inside the country and encourage the elites to have constructive cooperation with partners.

“As far as I understand, President Trump has a positive mood in general. There is the need to find common ground, and I’ve said this, and this depends on the [US] administration, not me, to find a general consensus inside the US, which would encourage the entire American elite to carry out this work with its partners,” Putin said.

He also noted that Russia and the US should “treat each other with respect and show this respect in concrete deeds.” “We have just talked about various kinds of restrictions, including in dollar settlements, sanctions or customs tariffs imposed on certain countries, for example, China. According to WTO estimates, mutual restrictions imposed by the G20 countries recently led to a $500 bln reduction in global trade. Is anyone really interested in that, including such a major economy as the US economy? For us, this creates only windows of opportunity,” Putin said.

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