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MOSCOW, November 1. /TASS/. Employing primitive nationalism and anti-Russian bias throughout the post-Soviet space in addition to meddling in church life are fraught with grave consequences, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a plenary meeting of the World Russian People’s Council.

“We can see what efforts are being undertaken today in order to remake the world, destroy civilizational values and those cultural and historical spaces, which have evolved for centuries. The aim is to create various faceless protectorates, because disunited peoples, deprived of their national memory and reduced to the status of vassals, are easier and more conducive to control and use as a bargaining chip for the benefit of their interests,” he stressed.

Putin voiced his regret over the fact that this trend was observed in many regions across the globe, including throughout the post-Soviet space. “Both crude nationalism and Russophobic sentiment are being utilized, while unceremonious meddling in church life is being practiced,” Putin said, adding that such a policy was dangerous and fraught with grave consequences.

“I am confident that only a united, consolidated society can stand up to the most serious historical challenges, achieve real breakthroughs and remarkable results, resist any external pressure, uphold sovereignty and strengthen our spiritual and historical kinship,” the Russian president pointed out.

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