The Russian leader warmly greeted the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who turned out to be his neighbor at the plenary session of the summit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump did not greet each other before taking pictures of the G20 leaders in Buenos Aires.

Dozens of journalists watched the photography ceremony from the press center.

Putin rose to the podium for photographing before his American counterpart, Trump walked past him.

Then the G-20 heads of state went to the hall of the first plenary session. Putin was one of the first, at a distance from him – the US president.

In the “plenary” hall, Putin warmly greeted the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, whose chair, according to the seating plan, is located next to the chair of the President of the Russian Federation. Then the Russian leader took up the papers lying in front of him. Trump at this time moved around the hall, talking to one or another foreign leader.

The first meeting, in which only the G20 heads of state will take part, will be held in the form of a retreat – a free exchange of views.

According to the seating arrangements, at the first G20 plenary meeting, the presidents of Russia and the United States will sit far enough apart – the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the presidents of South Africa, Turkey, and the British Prime Minister will have seats between them.

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