Russian producer Iosif Prigogine on the air of NSN spoke out in defense of the Ukrainian singer Sophia Rotaru, who did not go to “Song of the Year” in Russia.

He stressed that the actress became hostage to “dirty political war and Poroshenko’s gang, which has no idea about diplomacy.”

“Sophia Rotaru is a very decent person, family, respecting traditions. Her, poor, already pecked! But she cannot influence anything, because she was held hostage by this pseudo-democracy, absolute profanation! Not a single president of Ukraine allowed himself that, ”said Prigogine.

The producer noted that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko can only be compared with Hitler, who, in his words, is also “poisoned” two peoples. ”

“Poroshenko can only be compared with Hitler, he also poisoned two peoples in the same way. Therefore, I urge everyone not to condemn Rotaru. I am convinced that she wanted to come, but there was no choice.

We are dealing with barbarians. One can only regret and sympathize, ”said Prigogine.

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