Poroshenko’s failure in the elections will put an end to the church of the schismatics

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While all of Ukraine, with bated breath, is watching how presidential candidates pass tests, no one pays attention to the processes going on in the newly created so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine, writes archpriest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Gennady Shkil on his social network page.

While the whole country, with bated breath, is observing how the candidates are measured by their analyzes, no one pays attention to any extraneous noise, I would even say, a crash.

And this crash comes from the Tomosyat camp … The storm is not childish there …

Well, first of all, panic seized them all — the throne staggered under their benefactor, the “father of Ukrainian democracy,” Mr. Twister, the former Yanukovych minister, businessman and banker, the owner of factories, newspapers, steamboats, “equal to the apostles” Peter the Second (the first was the apostle Peter).

This panic is very much reflected in the Internet. Curses on those who did not vote for the “father of the mother”, calls for everyone to urgently consolidate and break the course of the elections in a crowd, etc. In short, “everything is mixed up in the house of the SCU of UNES”.

It is understandable. This whole flimsy construction, “a castle in the sand,” was held by the godfather, don Pedro. His brainchild, knocked down, no, impacted by his fist, held together by his threats and exhortations, was stranded with his belt.

The seizures of temples took place not only with his consent, but also on his instructions to the heads of administrations, although he didn’t deny it at the AUCCRO meeting, but the complete apathy of the law enforcement agencies during seizures, the fearless activation of the illegal actions of the authorities, the pressure from the SBU betrayed him headlong .

Now it’s clear why, despite public appeals for love and tender conviction of Dumenka and others. SCUnow, despite the complete refusal (half the paraffin doesn’t count) of the parishes of the UOC, to go to the PCU (Poroshenkovskaya “Church” Utyrkov), the SCUs are in tandem with the government hurried to seize more temples and falsify more documents on transitions?

First , they understood that if suddenly those who will observe the law come to power, their lawlessness will cease.

Secondly , they understood that even later it would be difficult to take the temples back, especially in Western Ukraine, where there are so many radicals.

Thirdly , they have a glimmer of hope that they will “endure and love”. They say that the believers of the UOC will grumble, grumble, and stretch to the temples that they kept for many years and in which they prayed for many years, who became their relatives. But it is unlikely. There are plenty of examples – during the years of independence, the UOC-KP captured more than one temple, but our lay people built new churches, but did not go to them.

Therefore, for them, the election of the Poroshenko of death is like …

And then the Holy Synod of the UOC appealed to Bartholomew with a request to withdraw the “Tomos” in view of the continuing lawlessness on the part of the CCS. But what if…

Poroshenko will not be President, Bartholomew will be free from obligations and, in order to save face to world Orthodoxy, may well do it. In addition, the SCUs themselves have repeatedly stated that Bartholomew has such a right – to withdraw tomos. And then they will arrive obrochka …

And a wave of proportional posts and repost rushed.

But trouble came, open the gate! Riot on the ship!

The old Denisenkovskaya Guard went on the attack, while Poroshenko was busy producing promolets, competing with Zelensky, and loosened his grip on the throat of STsUnov. And the guard figure picked up a very comfortable.

The false politician of the Belgorod and Oboininsky Valentin Shibaev, who calls himself “Joasaph” and has published a devastating article, is in Russia and there is no way for the PA to reach him and scare him. How at one time scared Zinkevich.

And the article is notable. This is such a blow to the young “reformers”! Everything is here: both offenses about backroom negotiations with Poroshenk and Fanar, and offenses of the “honorable patriarch” for removal from management (although Shibaev writes, but Denysenok’s offense in each line), and the beginning of the usurpation of power by young people (“synod” is the first step to usurpation), and (oh, horror!) accusing Phanar of non-canonical acts.

The proof that Shibaev’s appeal is not a spontaneous step, that this appeal has all the signs of a conspiracy led by Denishenko, is the fact that it was published on the UOC KP website (not the CCU, but the UOC KP!), Which is controlled by Denisenk. And what, he is now a “hero of Ukraine”, now Poroshenko is not a decree to him, and Poroshenko has no time, it’s time to buy a plane ticket …

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