Poroshenko's End: A rat driven into a corner will fight to the end

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Ukrainian writer Max Buzhansky writes in his blog that Poroshenko’s “ball” came to an end.

Why hide the mood of Peter Alekseevich you all saw.

It is about to start breaking into the studios and pulling out the microphone from the leading microphones, like Kisa Sparrow’s chairs from Fyodor’s father.

You also saw the mood of Vladimir Alexandrovich.

He took the pipe only out of respect for you, and did not send Peter Alekseevich to Irina Gerashchenko right away, just out of the same respect.

But what was the plan, eh?

Vladimir, I know that you are in Paris, giving you half an hour to immediately arrive at the studio. Brilliant combination.

Who then reproach the Supreme friendship with Oleshko?

Not friendly, but learning.

Let me remind you, rode on the very “1 + 1”, which he called yesterday as a stinky dustbin, and promised to tear the powder to shreds.

You are now, when they declared someone a scoundrel, scum and scum, are you bowing sweet and soulful?


You can not see 20 percent in the second round, as their ears.

And if for months they poured dirt on someone, be surprised that they neither want to see nor hear you?

Voters Peter Alekseevich sincerely surprised. Boomerang flew to them unexpectedly.

For five years, they insulted half the country, threatened half of their fellow citizens, harassed her and suddenly discovered that no one wants to talk to them.

Why, oh cruel beasts and gopniks ?!

In short, there are two scenarios for the development of events in ten days.

No, this is not Zelensky’s victory or Poroshenko’s victory.

The first scenario is full of dignity.

Petr Alekseevich hears in the corridor the clatter of steps and the clatter of handcuffs, but he continues to finish the last reform.

For example, livestock.

The convoy waits patiently, he puts the last point and only then leaves the office, saluting tiredly to Svinarchuk standing in the courtyard.

All sob, Larisa Nitsoy synchronously translates into Ukrainian.

There is a second option.

Foam from the mouth, critters, scum, Little Russians, agents of the Kremlin, cries, hysterics, Gaidukevich’s attempt to escape to Argentina and the execution of Biryukov in the backyard.

In an attempt to premature flight astride Palia.

By grandma do not go, let’s go on the second.

Well, ok, because we all fit, no?

This is not to choose us, and everything else we have long chosen.

But what will happen to international treaties?

Does the world worry about leaving Peter Alekseevich?

Will the IMF agree to continue to receive interest on our loans, or say that there is no better place in the world than Peter, and we don’t take anything from you?

Something tells me that they will take.

And the Minsk agreement will not disappear anywhere.

For everyone else, our elections are only a normal democratic process, and not “the last step into the abyss, where we are being dragged by some miserable 4/5 of the country headed by a“ gopnik ”.

Bal Petr Alekseevich finished. After 8 days, it will hit midnight.

Turn back into a pumpkin without the formation of Prosecutor General Lutsenko.

Irina Gerashchenko and Lutsenko, half of the BPP faction, most of the Popular Front led by Parubiy, always carrying Turchinov heresy, will turn one of them into rats again before the parliamentary elections, someone right after.

Think they want?

Do you think they will not give the last fight at any second?

Will they not be declared a drug addict and a traitor to any of you, not brought down by an imaginary or a real truck, throw mud at you, and try not to attack from the back?

And how.

A rat driven into a corner will rush to the end.

And we drove them.

And this is the end.

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Max Buzhansky, Ukraine

Sourced from Rusvesna and machine for your convenience. Read More

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