Poroshenko missed an iron chance to stay for a second term

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Opinion polls show that the leader of the current presidential race, Vladimir Zelensky, is supported by 95 quarter fans and a protest electorate disillusioned with the government.

In this scenario, for his win Poroshenko it was necessary to resolve the issue so that the line “Against all” appeared on the ballot. She would have drawn off the voices of the protest electorate, and far fewer people voted for Zelensky.

What can not be doubted is the penetration of Petro Poroshenko. The fun task – to enter another line in the bulletin – Peter Alekseevich would have decided in an instant.

If he had received such an idea on time, his results in the first round would not have been so murderous and, most likely, were comparable to the results of the leader.

With a slight difference in the votes received, Petro Poroshenko would easily rig his victory in the second round. For this, he had nothing unlimited administrative resources.

Agree, if members of election commissions need to lie a little bit in favor of Petro Poroshenko, this is one situation.

Today, in order to play up to the current president, they have to call black white and these are two big differences.

Who wants to run up against the scandal?

Thus, as a result of the fact that Pyotr Alekseevich himself did not think it out, and the team of court spin doctors, there was no question of a second term Poroshenko.

Presidential political analysts are hysterical in fear of not receiving the promised fees. Poroshenko is the very person who can not pay.

In this situation, the incredulous Peter Alekseevich will assume that his political scientists could already receive their fee from the cash box of a happy competitor.

The idea of ​​a presidential election is simple and concise – either all or nothing.

But if Petro Poroshenko has nothing, then why should political scientists have everything?

This time, the political technologists Peter Alekseevich, most likely, will not be mistaken in their assumptions, which will confirm their skills.

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Yuri Nikolaev, especially for the “Russian Spring”

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