Pompeo welcome to visit Russian ‘cheating’ missile test to see that it complies with INF – Moscow senator

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo can easily find out that Moscow strictly abides by the INF nuclear missile treaty the US is threatening to quit – by taking up an invitation to the test of the Russian missile, a Moscow senator says. The symbolic invite from the head of the Russian Senate’s defense and security committee came right after Pompeo declared Russia “in violation” of the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) and announced that the US will withdraw from it in 60 days if Moscow’s behavior does not change. “Today, we must confront Russian cheating on its arms controls obligations,” Pompeo told reporters following NATO foreign ministers’ meeting. He also claimed that Russia’s new cruise missile, that it allegedly “has been flight-testing … since the mid-2000s,” violates the INF treaty.

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