The State Duma deputy from the United Russia faction Natalia Poklonskaya commented on Vladimir Putin’s proposals on easing pension reform, expressed by the Russian president during a direct telecast to the residents of the country.

Recall that during the first reading of the bill in the State Duma on July 19, the former Crimean prosecutor – the only one of the United Russia deputies – voted against the government reform project, saying that the idea of ​​raising the retirement age should be improved from the position of “man-state”.

“I am convinced that nobody has any doubts about the adoption of the pension reform. The speech of the president, which was recently supported by all at the elections, clearly revealed the prospects.

He is the Head of State and Supreme Commander-in-Chief, that is, the captain of the ship called “Russia” … For my part, I promise everyone that I have always acted and will act conscientiously, “Poklonskaya wrote on her social network page.

She added that today “enough craftsmen” to loosen the situation, playing on emotions and difficulties.

“Reforms and transformations are needed and in demand by time, but for the benefit and in the interests of people and the country. Sometimes they are necessary to save the situation and lead to forced restrictions.

This is understandable, but why then there are no answers to the questions: where is the money, where do they constantly disappear and who is to blame? Not only is the demographic crisis of the 90s to blame. Where are the executors and guides of the laws? Why, when mentioning the names of individual businessmen and relatives of some high-ranking officials, all inspectors and inspectors lose consciousness or stand at attention?

If people did not see this so brightly and felt at least some elementary modesty and respect for the law and the common man, they would have a greater understanding of the economic measures that infringed on their rights, “the deputy stressed.

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