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“Podliz counted”: The web ridiculed the attempt of the Ukrainian propagandist to whitewash “drunk in the ass” Poroshenko

The web has vigorously responded to the history of Ukrainian propagandist Yury Butusov, who tried to explain why President Petro Poroshenko looked drunk on a photo from the 2015 military event.

As previously reported, “Russian Spring” , Butusov said that Poroshenko was hit in the eye with an optical sight sniper rifle , from which he shot at the landfill.

However, users did not believe in the credibility of the story.

“It was necessary for three years to invent such a wild version and whitewash a prezik who was drunk in the ass, whose tongue was barely turning in his mouth! The language, too, probably beat off a bit when fired … from giving away its red face ”,

“Podliz counted”,

“Judging by Pete, he constantly shoots”,

“Oh my God! What a “hero” is our president! The commander-in-chief got a recoil in his eye and did not run away! Yes it is a feat! And our commander in chief served in the army? Even I know that any weapon has recoil, ”commentators write.

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