Petrov & Boshirov may have been mocked on Twitter, but Salisbury’s self-esteem is the biggest victim

RT’s interview with the two Russian men accused of being behind the Skripal poisoning has revealed a Twitter widely cynical about both their innocence, and Salisbury’s claims to be an international tourist hotspot.

Whatever your views on the Skripal poisoning and the guilt or innocence of suspects Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, few could argue it has been a bad day for the self-esteem of Salisbury and its much-admired cathedral. The majority on social media clearly think the town is awful and certainly not worth a 3,000-mile round trip.

But with the optimism of knowing God is on its side, and the ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ mantra ringing in its ears, Salisbury Cathedral itself is not wasting its new-found notoriety. It sent out a promotional tweet detailing the mighty 123-meter erection which apparently attracted Petrov and Boshirov in the first place.

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