Pentagon, rebuilding its Cold War-era fleet, didn’t expect Russia this strong in Arctic

US moves to reform its 2nd American fleet will create a potential theater of conflict with Russia, but experts say Moscow won’t be too worried about the Pentagon’s lagging military capacity in the Atlantic and the Arctic.

While US officials declared that they weren’t “looking for a fight” in relaunching a fleet that had numbered over 100 vessels when the USSR collapsed, but were merely building a deterrent to ward off “resurgent” foreign powers, Russian analysts interviewed by RT have predicted a further escalation of tensions.

“This a return to the Cold War, and its marine rivalry. There is nothing good that can come from this, and we can expect the US to start acting more aggressively, particularly around the North Atlantic,” said Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of National Defense magazine.

“The overall temperature of the relations between the two states will rise, and the area will become a flashpoint,” said the analyst, noting that Russia’s own northern fleet is its most powerful.

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