Just after reclaiming the gavel in the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) has stoked anti-Russian sentiment and so far unvindicated claims of collusion, calling the US President’s contacts with Russian leader Vladimir Putin “dangerous.” Freshly reinstated as the third most powerful person in the US government, Pelosi assumed an undiplomatic tone as she spoke with MSNBC’s Joy Reid about a range of topics, including the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation, that has failed to unearth any damning evidence of collusion despite sending an array of Trump associates to jail on unrelated charges. Following up on the ‘Russiagate’ probe, Reid asked Pelosi what she makes of the relationship between Putin and Trump. “I think that the President’s relationship with thugs all over the world is appalling,” Pelosi responded to a thunderous round of applause from the audience that muffled her next words. ‘Vladimir Putin, really? Really? I think it’s dangerous.’

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