Paranoid British army issues top-level secret alert to staff about Russian journalist “threat”

There seems to be no sign of Russophobia abating in the UK, as the British Army has issued a warning against talking to a Russian journalist who was doing just as many other journalists were: Reporting on a cyberwarfare facility. The British Army has issued a top-level security alert to all its bases across the UK, warning soldiers that they should by no means engage in any conversations with a certain Russian journalist, should one happen to approach near any military facility. The “official-sensitive” document obtained by the Daily Mail also advised members of the military to call the nearest police department “ASAP” to deal with such a “threat.” Actually referred-to as a ‘spy’ in the British media, it was in fact the UK Bureau chief of Russian Channel 1 who had been making the report about the 77th Brigade base in November. Timur Siraziev and his cameraman were seen filming near the Berkshire facility where they had presented press credentials. Their access was denied, so they…

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