Over half of all Russians think internet users should be held responsible for reposting extremist material

Over half of all Russians think that internet users must bear responsibility for sharing and reposting extremist material, and a third of them supported punishing reposters to the same extent as the original authors.

In a recent poll, researchers from the Public Opinion think tank asked Russians if they thought it right that the law orders responsibility both for original placement of extremist information on the internet and for simply sharing it with other internet users.

The survey found that 55 percent of respondents said they approved of the current situation whereby authors and spreaders of extremist information both face responsibility for their actions. Of those, 33 percent said that, in their opinion, the punishment for spreading extremist materials must be the same as the one ordered for its creation and original publishing. 7 percent said they supported even harsher sanctions for reposters of extremist materials.

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