The European Union can repeat the fate of empires that collapsed after the First World War, writes Bloomberg.

“In November 1918, the European empires agreed to put an end to the world conflict that devastated the continent and wiped out an entire generation. Subsequently, the map of Europe was redrawn, independent states were born. A century later, the continent fights for its future as part of a single political organism with common values ​​generated by the bloody lessons of the two world wars, ”the authors note.

Bloomberg journalists compare the current opposition of nationalists, who question the expediency of the European Union, and supporters of integration with the historical situation that developed after the First World War and eventually led to the Second. French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to defend the EU, but his calls for the creation of a “progressive alliance” are not yet successful, the article says.

Former Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg noted that if the EU fails to modernize, it will repeat the fate of Austria-Hungary.

“People will never learn a lesson, never. Historical events cannot be passed from one generation to another. We cannot convey the experience of war, only prejudices. And prejudices are eternal, ”he explained.

The authors of Bloomberg also noticed the EU’s ominous signs of mortality. The main problem lies in finding a “balance” between appeals to transfer more power to national parliaments and the desire for deeper integration, in particular with regard to borders and currency.

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