Officials admit Russian diplomat expulsions ousted spies, crippling US spying operations in Russia

In March, Russia retaliated for the US expulsion of Russian diplomats with the closure of a US consulate, and the expulsion of 60 American diplomats. US officials were quoted in the New York Times on Friday confirming that this included a number of US spies.

Exactly how many spies were expelled from Russia in this closure is not clear, but the officials quoted said that the loss of intelligence officers has “hurt collection efforts” for the intelligence community.

This was apparently a substantial blow to the US spies operating inside Russia, and combined with increased counterintelligence efforts by Russia, they say the CIA and other US spy agencies are increasingly in the dark about Russia’s intentions.

And while that’s certainly interesting in and of itself, the admission is more startling, as it is a de facto admission that US officials in Russia as diplomatic agents were illegally operating as spies against their hosting country.

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