NYT claims sources gone quiet as it runs out of excuses for its lack of ‘Russia collusion’ evidence

US intelligence is ‘in the dark’ about Russian intentions towards the November midterm elections, the New York Times reports, offering some explanations as to why this might be the case, while ignoring the most obvious one.

According to the Times report, written by Julian E. Barnes and Matthew Rosenberg and published Friday, US intelligence agencies got a “detailed assessment” of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, thanks “in large part to informants close to President Vladimir V. Putin and in the Kremlin who provided crucial details.”

Today, however, “the vital Kremlin informants have largely gone silent,” leaving the CIA and other US spy agencies “in the dark” about Putin’s intentions. Russia could be trying to “tilt” the midterms, “simply sow chaos,” or “generally undermine trust in the democratic process,” the spies tell the NY Times.

Not for a moment do the authors, or their anonymous sources from inside the US spy community, contemplate the possibility that Russia might not be doing anything at all. That, however, would upset the apple cart of “Russian meddling” carefully built from smoke and mirrors since mid-2016, and that just wouldn’t do.

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