No nazis in Ukraine? 200 nationalist militants take over Kiev shopping mall – cops only make 1 arrest

Militant protesters linked to Ukraine’s ultranationalist Svoboda party have taken over a shopping center in Kiev, vandalizing the mall and demanding Russian businesses leave the country, while the police stood by and watched. The mall takeover came two days after the protesters reportedly chucked smoke grenades and flares into the building, triggering the fire alarm and prompting an evacuation, as Hromadske radio reported. The masked group then barricaded the building’s entrance with tires, and vandalized its windows with spray paint on Tuesday. After two days of vandalism and provocation, around 200 of the group stormed the mall, demanding stores close down and blocking shoppers from making purchases. Around 30 riot police were on site, but seemed content to let the mob have the run of the mall.

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