Must be blind: Ex-ambassador McFaul sees no evidence that Ukraine’s govt. supports neo-Nazis

A celebrated Stanford scholar and ex-envoy to Russia is having trouble finding evidence that the Ukrainian government “sympathizes” with paramilitary groups that espouse neo-Nazi ideologies. Michael McFaul expressed his doubts about Kiev’s support for ultra-nationalist and neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine. He was responding to journalist Glenn Greenwald’s assertion that the Ukrainian government “has clear, systemic & deeply ominous ties to actual Nazi groups & neo-Nazi factions.” Most countries have “Nazi sympathizers,” McFaul artfully retorted. “But the Ukrainian government? Really? Any evidence to support that hypothesis? The Prime Minister is Jewish.” Greenwald promptly furnished two pieces of corroborating evidence, which can hardly be dismissed as “Russian propaganda” – the usual tactics for the willingly-blind about Ukraine’s right-wing extremism problem.

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