SINGAPORE (SINGAPORE), November 9, 2018 / PRNewswire / – On October 11, 2018, the MultiVAC platform published laboratory data on its website, according to which the transaction execution rate of MultiVAC reached 30,784 TPS (transactions per second) using 64 shards, for a single shard, this figure was 533 TPS. The success of MultiVAC demonstrates a real breakthrough in sharding technology. Being a well-known project in the field of public blockchain sharding, the MultiVAC platform should solve the difficult problem of expanding the open blockchain.

According to the generally accepted opinion, the public blockchain is one of the areas with the greatest potential, however, the existing blockchain platforms are characterized by very low flexibility and are not able to provide effective support for decentralized applications (DApp), which makes it difficult to recognize the practical value of the blockchain. As one of the classic solutions for expanding distributed data systems, sharding allows you to effectively increase the capacity of such systems while maintaining proper flexibility as the number of network nodes grows.

“Laboratory research data once again confirms the ability of sharding to expand the capabilities of the system. The complex sharding solution MultiVAC is characterized not only by high bandwidth, but also by excellent possibilities for linear expansion. The platform is potentially capable of becoming the foundation for large-scale commercial applications,” commented Dr. Schon Ying (Shawn Ying), Technical Director, MultiVAC.

Prior to the publication of laboratory data, MultiVAC also released technical documentation on the complex sharding solution. The MultiVAC team includes six leading scientists, as well as 18 researchers and engineers from the research groups of technology giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. In addition, the MultiVAC platform has already concluded strategic

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