KRONSTADT /near St Petersburg/, August 26. /TASS/. Russian Navy has held a public display of weaponry, military equipment and specialized technologies as part of the Army’2018 international defense technologies forum.

More than 10,000 people visited the regional floor of the forum organized by Russia’s Western Military District on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, said the chief of information department of the Baltic Fleet, Captain First Rank Roman Martov.

“The public display of advanced weaponry, military equipment and specialized naval technologies that was held as part of the regional program of the Army’2018 internal defense technology forum in Kronstadt [an insular base of the Russian Navy located off St Petersburg in the Gulf of Finland – TASS] is over,” he said. “We’ve had about 10,000 visitors there.”

The guests had an opportunity to get on board the newest ships and gunboats of the Baltic Fleet where they got familiarized with the technologies the Navy has on its tables of equipment.

The organizers also staged a landfall maneuver by an assault party, gunnery firing, the demolition of floating mines, the freeing of a ship seized by pirates, and assistance to seacraft in distress.

More than fifteen ships and auxiliary seacraft took part in the exhibition maneuvers in the water area around the historic main base of the Baltic Fleet. Their list included the brand-new corvette Soobrazitelny [Resourceful], the anti-subversion gunboat Nakhimovets, amphibious, patrol and specialized gunboats, supply ships, and fast-attack boats, Capt. Martov said.

They Navy also showcased the shore-based missile complexes Bal and Bastion, the Pantzir S1 antiaircraft gun/missile complex, and Iskander tactical missile complex.

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