Merkel’s recent visit to South Caucasus was to recon region’s geostrategic value to NATO

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent trip to Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus clearly wasn’t all about economic interests. Apparently she also sought to evaluate the region’s geostrategic value.

The chancellor signed several bilateral agreements, and statements were made concerning future relations between the South Caucasus nations and Europe.

Many Western and Russian experts agree that Chancellor Merkel was mostly interested in assessing the Southern Gas Corridor project when she visited the South Caucasus. It means that in the near future, the European Union is planning to organize new gas supply routes, bypassing Russia.

But there is reason to believe that this doesn’t fully define the events surrounding the chancellor’s visit. The head of the leading European state probably wanted to see with her own eyes (as we know, personal experience is the most important thing for a politician) the region’s geopolitical prospects.

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