On December 10 and 17, new releases of the first comedy projark show will appear. The victims of the young comedians will be the creator of the main comedy show Comedy Club Garik Martirosyan and the most popular interviewer of modern Russia Yuri Dud. Moderator – Ilya Sobolev.

December 10 is the most intelligent issue of Prozharki, which raises the classic theme for Russian culture “Fathers and Children”. And let Ilya Sobolev not Turgenev, and the participants are not relatives, but on the heit-show two generations will really collide, which have many questions to each other. Garik Martirosyan is one of the creators of the projects Comedy Club, “Our Russia”, which determined the development of modern entertainment television. With his humor, he brought up a whole generation of young comedians … who, at the first opportunity, pounced on him! On the side of the “prozharschikov” also made special guest – producer and singer Semyon Slepakov. In his opinion, the show was “more like the grandchildren gathered around the dying grandfather to divide the inheritance.” Garik came to support the residents of the Comedy Club and wife Jeanne Levina-Martirosyan. In vain. They also did not regret.

Garik Martirosyan, producer of the Comedy Club: “When Ilya Sobolev called me and offered to come as a guest, I immediately agreed. During those 25 years that I practice humor, thousands of stars have passed through me. Someone almost got it, but it was all. Therefore, refusing to take part in Prozharka meant a chill to me. A big plus of the show is that the guys with their frank jokes remove taboos from many topics and .

Ingenious humorist, dollar millionaire and talented musician, sharpened in the

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