Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his address to the Russians, spells out his attitude towards raising the retirement age.

First of all, the Russian leader recalled that raising the retirement age, which is long overdue, is designed to ensure the stability and financial stability of the pension system for many years to come, to guarantee the growth of pensions.

“In the 2000’s. I was against these changes. He spoke about this, including publicly. I am convinced: to raise the retirement age in the early and middle of the 2000s. it was impossible. Over the years, we all – citizens, government, country – have worked. Started the implementation of long-term demographic measures (maternity capital program), overcame the difficulties in the economy.

Now the unemployment rate is the lowest since 1991. The life expectancy of Russians is growing. The goal is to reach a life expectancy of more than 80 years …

What options do we have? Put unpopular decisions on the shoulders of the next generation or start acting. Of course, the opposition forces will use this situation for self-promotion and strengthening their positions. This is the inevitable cost of the political process in any democratic society.

Naturally, the question arises whether the government considered any other options, other reserves to ensure the sustainability of the pension system without raising the retirement age. Of course yes. Of course, considered.

(For example), it is proposed to impose additional taxes on oil and gas companies, fuel and energy complex. I can tell you, all that we can collect in this way is enough to pay a maximum of a couple of months. Moreover, we will pay pensions, the whole pension system of the country to an extremely vulnerable position, depending on the price drop in world hydrocarbon markets …

On my instructions, the Government up to the present time carried out this work. All possible alternative scenarios were carefully studied and calculated. It turned out that, in fact, they do not solve anything radically …

I can not drag on … I propose a number of measures that will make it possible to soften the decisions as much as possible.

First. The draft law proposes to increase the retirement age for women by 8 years – up to 63 years, whereas for men it increases by five years.

So it will not go, of course. It is not right. And in our country the attitude to women is special, careful. We understand that they not only work at their main place of work, they usually have the whole house, caring for the family, raising children, and worrying about grandchildren. The retirement age for women should not increase more than for men.

Therefore, I consider it necessary to reduce the proposed increase in the pension age for women from 8 to 5 years proposed by the bill. “

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