Lavrov: The US is preparing to sink Obama-signed nuke control treaty citing complaints about Russian missile

The US may be preparing to torpedo the New START deal with Russia, which limits the number of nuclear weapons each country can have, in its latest escalation over a Russian missile “violating” the INF arms treaty, Moscow says. The suspicion was voiced by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in response to remarks by US Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, who said the New START treaty may be affected by the current quarrel, between the two countries, over another key agreement, the INF Treaty. New START was signed in 2010 by then-presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama. It set limits on how many nuclear warheads, and means for their delivery, each country can possess. It replaced an earlier agreement signed by US and USSR and is due to expire in 2021, with an option of a five-year extension. The INF in turn was agreed in late years of the Cold War and banned a certain class of weapons – land-based ballistic and cruise missiles if intermediate range – to reduce…

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