The terrorist group ISIS is trying to turn Afghanistan into its outpost in Central Asia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the opening of the conference dedicated to Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, there is a clash between government forces and the radical Taliban movement. Terrorist groups connected with Daesh also have some influence in the country. Large-scale operations are carried out throughout Afghanistan to combat extremists. “The advanced terrorist groups constituted by the Daesh [ISIS], not without support from outside sponsors, are trying to turn Afghanistan into a bridgehead of expansion in Central Asia and, in general, in our vast region,” said Sergei Lavrov during the speech at the consultations in the so-called Moscow format. According to the minister, the task of all countries and international structures operating in the region is to help Afghans neutralize the terrorist’s plans. And no one should think in terms of geopolitical games, which can turn…

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