Near Moscow doctors-oncologists created a real miracle, being able to help the People’s Artist of Russia Nikolai Karachentsov, who in 2017 was diagnosed with lung cancer.

As Mash writes with reference to an informed source, after staging a terrible diagnosis, 73-year-old Karachentsov underwent a course of chemotherapy in one of Tel Aviv’s clinics, but Israeli doctors could not help the beloved actor of several generations of Russians.

After that, the husband of the artist Lyudmila Porgina decided to continue her husband’s treatment at the cancer center in Krasnogorsk outside Moscow.

Here also there was an improbable: after treatment the tumor in lungs of the actor has considerably decreased, doctors mark positive dynamics.

Let’s remind, Nikolay Karachentsov’s health was sharply shaken after serious road accident which has happened in 2005, after 12 years cancer problems were added to health problems.

“Russian Spring” hopes that thanks to the help of Russian doctors, Nikolai Petrovich will manage to cope with a formidable illness.

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