It is finished: GAC Motor has introduced a new high-end crossover GS5

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GUANGZHOU, China, November 2, 2018 / PRNewswire / – GAC Motor, a leading Chinese automaker, has released its latest, most comfortable and technologically advanced mid-class SUV GS5. The product was presented on the territory of the Gymnasium in the Asian Games Village, located in the Panyu (Guangzhou) area.

The debut of new items took place at the recent Paris Motor Show, where the GS5 managed to impress the audience with its stunning appearance and maximum attention to ride comfort. The design of the GS5 is especially attractive for young citizens and provides a balanced ride and driving comfort, meeting the needs of today’s consumers for practical versatility and at the same time creating the impression of expensive presentability.

The GS5 SUV, which is based on the most advanced auto production technology of GAC Motor, is a kind of benchmark that combines high road performance and modern manufacturability, embodying the brand’s constant desire for excellence in all aspects.

High power

Developed on the basis of GAC Motor’s cross-platform modular architecture (G-CPMA), the GS5 is able to achieve the perfect balance between stability and comfort, thanks to third-generation “Ti Power” technology.

The new SUV has received the third generation GAC Motor 1.5T GDI engine, which provides a dynamic ride with optimized performance indicators:

  • Peak torque at 270T;
  • Liter power up to 83 kW / l;
  • Torque based on one liter of fuel – 177 NM / l;
  • Aisin 6-speed hydrodynamic automatic transmission;
  • Six technical innovations, including the continuously variable valve timing, the patented GCCS combustion control technology and Bosch high-pressure injection system.

The GS5 also boasts an upgraded, high-performance chassis.

  • The response time to steering movements is only 0.088 seconds;
  • Ultra small roll angle when cornering to 0.6g;
  • The shortest stopping distance in this class is 35.48 m, which corresponds to the performance of sports cars;
  • Maximum speed with anti-rollover protection at 74 km / h;
  • Significantly reduced level of vibration on a flat road surface;
  • The pulse vibration minimum for this class is 2.38 dB.

GAC Motor successfully uses its global supply chain to create world-class products. For example, the GS5 compression strength indicator for the roof far exceeds the requirements of the most stringent American standards, and the first-class security package of the new model includes ten smart devices and systems that guarantee the protection of the driver and passengers of a car.

Stylish power

The forward looking lines of the GS5 bodywork are complemented by a front grille decorated in the style of the legendary brand concept “Flying Dynamics” (flight dynamics). Together, all the details of the body form a bold and holistic shape, like spreading wings, and LED headlights with a “diamond

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