A senior Iraqi lawmaker disclosed that Israel’s intelligence forces have arrived in Baghdad along with the US troops, media reports said. “Israel’s intelligence forces have been witnessed patrolling with the US troops in Baghdad,” the Arabic-language al-Maloumeh news website quoted member of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee Karim Alivi Javish as saying. Alivi Javish reiterated that the Iraqi Parliament’s National and Defense Committee will probe the US troops’ presence in the Iraqi capital. A report said last Friday that the US troops patrolled together with Baghdad Operations Commander patrolled in the Iraqi capital. In a relevant development on Sunday, the Iraqi sources reported that Washington has deployed large groups of soldiers in Western Iraq a number of its military forces who were earlier stationed in Syria. The sources were quoted by Russia’s RT news channel as saying that dozens of US troops stationed in Syria have relocated to Ein al-Assad…

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