Invitation to execution: Will Poroshenko go to Zelensky’s debates and show the whole Ukraine a certificate from a narcologist (VIDEO)

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Between Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky, the first pre-election battle is played – for the debates before the second round.

The topic began with Petro Poroshenko – as a more experienced politician, he hopes to publicize the showman through public discussion and at least partially de-classify his rating.

This is unlikely to help the current president win. But he will allow him to accumulate additional votes even after the second round, entering the parliament as an opposition, to remain in politics.

Zelensky, to whom the public debate with Poroshenko may go rather into a minus, initially hesitated. But then he entered the game and picked up a glove thrown by the president.

True, he did it in such a way that the guarantor is very likely to not accept the challenge.

The Ukrainian edition of Strana understood whether the duel of the main contenders for the mace would take place.

Poroshenko’s call

They began to stake on the debate in the presidential camp long before the first round of elections. On Bankova they understood that if they came to the second round, it was with Zelensky, and not with Tymoshenko. And already ahead of time it was planned that Poroshenko with his pendant language would overcome the “candidate Ze”.

By the way, with Tymoshenko hardly guarantor would want to lead the debate – Poroshenko had once refused them in 2014, believing that he had a victory, and so in his pocket. He did not come on the air from the YuVT even on the eve of the first tour this year (I must say that the “candidate Ze” did not appear there either).

Apparently, for the same reason, the BPP expected that Zelensky would shy away from a public debate with Poroshenko. And prepared for such a decision “servants of the people” in advance. Even on March 20, Vice Speaker Irina Gerashchenko stated that she had prepared a bill on the immutability of the debate before the second round.

“Petro Poroshenko is ready to debate with someone who will be released in the second round. But if the character Ze comes out there, there is a feeling that the puppeteers will try to hide him from the people for three weeks. I really want to debate, ”- argued the submission of such a project to Gerashchenko through Facebook and published his photocopy.

There are big doubts in the adoption of this law: Rada is unlikely to be so openly playing along with the Poroshenko campaign. And the election laws at the crossing – during the elections themselves – do not change. But the direction of the BPP’s thought was already clear then – to set Poroshenko’s “speaker” against Zelensky’s “clown”.

This idea was continued by the president himself on the evening of March 31, when it became clear with what devastating score he went into the second round.

“The key element of the election in the second round should be the debate. And if someone evades, it means that he has nothing to say, ”Poroshenko quit the glove, speaking at his headquarters after the polling stations closed.

At the same time, he immediately outlined his attitude towards the future of his counterpart, calling him a “Kolomoisky puppet.” What laid the first mine under his strategy “to break Zelensky in the debate.”

In social networks, they immediately started talking about the fact that, by their foolish attack, Poroshenko gives Zelensky the right to refuse to conduct any discussions. What to talk about with a man who gives shortcuts from the start and throws insults?

And I must say, the “candidate Ze” used the guarantor’s miss to the fullest.

Throwing Zelensky

That same evening, at a briefing at his headquarters, Vladimir Zelensky made it clear that he would go to the debate with Poroshenko.

“I am ready, yes. Poroshenko is not Poroshenko, what difference does it make to me, ”the showman answered when asked if he was ready to accept the president’s challenge.

The next day, the National TV and Radio Company sent out invitations to future debaters. The NOTU hosted a debate on April 19 – Friday, the day before the second round.

However, in the course of the play, Zelensky suddenly doubted the need for debate. Apparently, not wanting to play along with the “theme” of Poroshenko.

True, the candidate himself did not deny his words spoken on March 31. But on April 2, his adviser Ruslan Ryaboshapka “threw a fishing line” about Zelensky’s possible refusal to argue with Poroshenko.

“This question is about what to debate? That a man of 5 years was at the highest post in the country and could prove everything and explain with his deeds? If you have a plan for 5 years – why didn’t you do it then? I do not see just the sense to start these, sorry for the rude word, dog battles, when people arrange a talk show, and not a discussion or exchange of views on programs, ”said Ryaboshapka.

The adviser to the showman noted that in the near future Zelensky should present in detail the program and the members of his team to his voters.

“To discuss these people and the action plan with Poroshenko?” I do not get the point of it. What questions to Zelensky may be from Poroshenko, who considers him a puppet of Kolomoisky? Maybe he will arrange a debate with Kolomoisky? Or Kolomoisky with Medvedchuk? ”, Ryaboshapka summarized.

That is, here in the team, Ze used the trick of Poroshenko as an excuse, if anything, to leave the debate with his head held high.

However, after these words, a campaign began in social networks, which was launched by Poroshenko’s supporters – the Challenge # of the wish of the readers. A “powder” exploded dozens of posts that “Zelensky merged.”

And then the “candidate Ze” made an extremely original move and brought confusion into the camp of the enemy.

“Come with help”

Tonight, the Zelensky team presented a video in which the showman counterattacked the president. He invited him to the debate tomorrow, not April 19th. And he appointed a place – NSC “Olympic”, right on the football field. With free access for all journalists and citizens.

He also reminded the president of his refusal to debate with Tymoshenko in the 2014 elections.

“I appeal to Petro Poroshenko, you call me to the debate, dreamed that I would run away,“ I’ll freeze my temper, ”I hide … no. I am not you in 2014. I accept the challenge, here are my conditions: I await you here at the NSC Olimpiyskiy. Debates will be held before the people of Ukraine, all channels have the right to broadcast debates live, all journalists have the right to be present.

Candidates must necessarily undergo a medical examination and prove to the people that among them there are no alcoholics or drug addicts – the country needs a healthy president, ”he said.

The third condition Zelensky called the fact that Poroshenko, in deference to a third of Ukrainian citizens, should publicly say that “the debate will take place not with a puppet of the Kremlin or Kolomoisky, not with a padded jacket, not with Little Russia, not with cattle, not with a clown, but with a candidate in Presidents Vladimir Zelensky. “I give you 24 hours – Think-those,” he said.

Interestingly, the administration of the NSC Olimpiyskiy after the release of the video said that no one had reserved its stadium for debates and no such offers had been received.

Reaction camp Poroshenko

Bankova’s official reaction to the invitation of Zelensky is not there yet – apparently, the showman’s proposal is still being digested. However, the president’s network army is already discussing this topic.

Moreover, the opinions of the “powder-launchers” were divided – some consider that it is worth going, others – that it is necessary to offer one’s place for debate.

“If Ze’s video is not a form of refusal to debate, and there is a technical possibility to hold such debates, I would agree to PA on the spot. And on the condition of medical examination agreed. I’d just add one more condition: candidates in front of the cameras pass the state language proficiency test, ”writes Volodymyr Kurennaya, MP from BPP.

“And do not care where? Fence off the debate zone with bulletproof glass – and look like the world boxing champion will get along with Gopnik from the gateway, ”the blogger Daniil Chikin agrees to Zelensky’s format and blogger.

At the same time, other supporters of the president believe that he will not accept Zelensky’s conditions.

“Will Poroshenko agree to the debate?” I am sure that yes. Would he agree to a debate in the stadium? I suspect no. He is the President, and the presidents are not taken to the bluff, ”argues Elena Monova.

Some “gunpowder” is already preparing the ground for Poroshenko’s refusal to come to the stadium.

“There is a better idea – Zelensky should offer a debate in the studio of 95 quarter.

Do you notice that the future “king” is naked? He needs a stage, stadiums. the scenery for him is the main thing, because he has no views. There is no material, there is nothing to show, that’s why they hide him from journalists, ”said the pollytekhnolog Viktor Ukolov.

Economist Sergei Fursa believes that Zelensky is actually trying to avoid debate in this way.

“We asked for a debate, not a farce. Technology replaces the essence and that’s why the debate is so important. But for the invention – five. And for the attempt to technologically move out of the debate – a deuce. “

Many of the “powder spells” also in the comments to the posts advise the president to call Zelensky to the front and hold debates there.

What can answer Poroshenko

Judging by the rhetoric of pro-government bloggers, the president now has three main options for action:

1. Agree to Zelensky’s proposal without any conditions and go to the debate, so to speak, with an open visor and under the slogan “I am not afraid of anything.”

It would be a good move for the president, from whom everyone is actually waiting for a “cunning plan” or refusal under a specious pretext. However, Poroshenko is not a master of such improvisations – over the past five years, all his public meetings have been carefully srezsessirovanny. Therefore, the guarantor is unlikely to let the matter take its course at the moment when his fate is decided.

2. Agree to a non-format debate outside the studios – but on its own terms. For example, on the front line, where a camouflaged guarantor will press the showman with military themes and emphasize that it is he, Poroshenko, who is the real commander in chief.

Also a beautiful move for Poroshenko – but he will give Zelensky a reason to say: I called – you did not come. Now I will not come.

3. Stay within the formal framework and state that the debates are officially scheduled for April 19. And they will be held in accordance with generally accepted rules. That is, not to abandon the debate, and not to let Zelensky hold them on his own terms.

And it seems that it is the last option that will be implemented. Nardep from BPP Maria Ionova (co-author of the law on “forced debate”) said that Poroshenko, as planned, will come to TV.

“President Poroshenko is a European, and he will not meet at the stadium, he will meet in a television studio where debates should take place normally, professionally, and Pavelko can come to the stadium (head of FFU – ed.) And play football” – she said.

If this happens, then even without a debate, the video will add a small, but a plus to the Zelensky team. They forced Poroshenko to abandon the inconvenient debate. And now the president, and not his rival, has become in a “frosting” position.

Similarly, it is interpreted in social networks.

“Well, Pyotr Alekseevich, were they invited to the debate? The genius of half-running combinations, ”blogger Max Buzhansky says ironically.

“After Zelensky agreed to the debate with the PAP on the condition that they were at the Olympic, then I took a fresh look at this candidate. This is really the correct aerobatics of PR.

I didn’t suddenly feel love and sympathy for him, but what he does in terms of advertising is a really new word in modern Ukraine, and probably in the world.

And you know what I think? We really miss this in the international arena. Correct and strong PR. There are not enough people who knew how to professionally promote ideas and were able to create advertising campaigns. Created a brand “Ukraine”. I do not mean the misunderstanding that UkraineNOW created a year ago. And the real brand of the country that will be a comfortable place for business and for people.

PAP did not cope with this task. I’m not sure that Ze will cope, but at least I really bow my head to the professionalism with which he approached the construction of a presidential company. He is not a clown, but a real pro.

Still do not support his economic policy, but his ability to advertise inspires confidence. The main thing is that he use this skill not at home to tell what a wonderful reformer he is, but in the international arena, ”writes economist Pavel Vernivsky.

At the same time, the journalist Vyacheslav Chechilo calls Zelensky’s creativity a forbidden trick. Which passes only because Poroshenko’s degree of unpopularity is off scale.

“In fact, the joke with the debate is a bust. You can not make fun of serious things like that. But Zelensky is getting away with it for the reason that his opponent … is not taken seriously.

For most of the country Poroshenko is already a clown cleaner Zelensky. It can and should be ridiculed and humiliated. Zelensky’s voter likes this, he laughs. While Poroshenko’s few supporters are really “offensive to the power” – they have a different world, where Pyotr Alekseevich is still the President and Supreme Commander. ”

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