XINBEI (NEW TAIPEI CITY), January 8, 2019 / PRNewswire / – As reported by Infortrend ® Technology, Inc. (code TWSE: 2495), its EonStor GSa line provides powerful All-Flash Array performance for flexible VDI deployment, allowing businesses to make better use of their computing resources.

Businesses are moving from physical desktops to VDI — the desktop infrastructure — because the latter option provides more efficient use of hardware and centralized management while reducing operating costs. The GSa line is designed for extensive virtualization support and provides convenient features for simplified VDI configuration and configuration. The systems of this line are characterized by powerful performance – up to 700 thousand IOPS with a response time of 0.5 milliseconds – maintaining a high workload during peak periods (for example, with the so-called “boot storm”). These systems also allow the use of various options for SAS / SATA drives , providing flexible VDI deployment with the ability to adapt to low and high workloads.

Based on the results of testing conducted by Infortrend, the GSa 2000 entry-level system, together with the SATA SSD, can support more than 2,000 users who consume a large amount of resources and 10,000 users who solve specific tasks. On the other hand, the high-performance GSa 5000 system can support 4,800 active resource consumers and 24,000 users with less resource-intensive tasks, i.e. is 2.3 times more powerful than the basic solution. And the average performance of the product, GSa 3000, is somewhere in the middle between the basic and high-performance system.

The GSa line is compatible with leading virtualization solutions, including VMware, Windows Hyper-V and Citrix. Embedded software based on Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) technology, as well as the SSD life cycle monitoring feature, ensure stable data availability. Redundant controllers and components ensure high availability and ease of maintenance, and remote replication ensures data integrity: Having an optional Cloud Storage Gateway allows you to easily integrate with the largest cloud services, including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud, for subsequent expansion of storage capacity, data backup and cloud caching of information.

The EonStor GSa line provides extensive All-Flash Array performance options for flexible VDI deployments and guarantees our clients a high return on investment,” said Thomas Kao, senior director for product planning.

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