XINBEI (NEW TAIPEI CITY), December 4, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (code TWSE: 2495) today announced the release of a 25 GB (25GbE) Ethernet host card designed for the EonStor GS 2000/3000/4000 line of devices. The new board provides increased flexibility in the configuration and implementation of the information storage systems mentioned.

As the performance of modern SSD processors increases, the storage needs I / O operations to communicate efficiently over the network. A single 25GbE line provides a 2.5-fold increase in bandwidth, while remaining backward compatible with 10 GbE, which guarantees a seamless and highly flexible transition. 25 GbE meets the growing storage performance requirements of ERW systems, distributed applications, and clustered databases.

The Infortrend host cards with two 25 Gb / s Ethernet ports each provide users with high-speed data transfer over Ethernet networks, eliminating the problem of network bottlenecks and simplifying storage deployment. In terms of configuration, the GS 4000 dual- controller system with two host cards per controller supports up to eight Ethernet ports of 25 Gb / s.

“Modern applications and systems require networks that have a bandwidth much higher than 10 GbE. Our new 25 GbE host board for EonStor GS devices provides customers with a solution that grows with their systems and ensures maximum return on investment,” said Thomas Kao, senior director on production planning.

Current users of the GS 2000/3000/4000 repositories will be able to upgrade to 25 GbE host cards by upgrading their firmware. The manufacturer plans in the near future to present a similar board for devices of the EonStor DS line.

Click here to learn more about the EonStor GS lineup.

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