Petro Poroshenko lives the last months as president of Ukraine. The pre-election “tomos-tour” of the head of state did not bring the desired effect – the level of popular support two months before the elections still does not exceed 7%.

Voters are much more interested in discussing Poroshenko’s tucked jacket into his panties rather than the autocephaly of the Ukrainian church, which, by the way, they are going to include in the school curriculum of Ukraine . Especially since the avid president throws in info streams one by one.

So, the other day under the jacket Poroshenko discovered a strange mysterious thing. A rounded object with a diameter of approximately 4 centimeters is clearly visible through the sleeve of the jacket in the area of ​​the left shoulder.

Experts have suggested that this is an insulin pump with the function of the meter. There have been rumors on the web for a long time that Poroshenko has diabetes mellitus, which has greatly deteriorated during the presidency. The price of the device varies from 40 to 150 thousand hryvnia.

However, the users of social networks who picked up the topic suggested alternatives, suggesting that the mysterious thing could be a built-in alcohol meter or a State Department remote access controller implanted in Poroshenko immediately after the coup.

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