In Moscow, with shooting, the Ukrainian “authority” was kidnapped (+ PHOTO, VIDEO)

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In Moscow, the Ukrainian crime “authority”, Yuri Vasilenko, the main figure in the case of the ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov’s murder in Kiev, was abducted with shooting. During the search of the apartment of the “authority” a giant arsenal of weapons was discovered.

As Rosbalt was told by a law enforcement source, Vasilenko lived in Moscow illegally on his passport with the surname Antonenko. “Authority” led almost underground lifestyle. He rented a large apartment in the Alekseevskaya metro area, from which he mainly went to the Basil restaurant, which served as a kind of office for him. It was in this institution that Vasilenko held all his meetings.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, as such, he did not have security, but usually he was accompanied by a number of friends. Witnesses say that they saw a “gun” from “authority”.

Recently, he was not himself. According to the agency’s sources, it has now become clear that the “authority” was afraid of something. Several times he was persistently summoned to a conversation by a large representative of the Russian mafia, but Vasilenko was afraid to go, believing that the meeting would not end with anything good for him.

On January 10, a group of men entered Basil, they demanded that Vasilenko drive with them. The friends of the “authority” probably knew who the visitors came from, so they were afraid to interfere with the situation.

On the street Vasilenko unexpectedly pushed the intruders and tried to escape. A scuffle ensued, during which shots were fired. “Authority” was injured.

He was thrown into the trunk of the car, after which the attackers disappeared along with Vasilenko’s bleeding. According to the interlocutors of the agency, the chances that the “authority” is still alive are extremely small.

A criminal case was initiated, within the framework of which searches were conducted, including in the apartment rented by Vasilenko. There the operatives were waiting for a “surprise”. According to the interlocutor of “Rosbalt”, an entire arsenal of weapons was found in the room, including several dozen different “barrels” (including sniper rifles), as well as explosives.

Yuri Vasilenko is known in Ukraine as an influential criminal “authority” who is closely associated with representatives of the Russian mafia circles. Earlier, the sources of Rosbalt expressed the opinion that Vasilenko maintained close relations with the “thief in law” Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik).

The interlocutors of the agency believe that Vasilenko may be related to at least two “loud” murders concerning Russia. We are talking about the shooting in Kiev of the former State Duma Denis Voronenkov and the shooting in the Moscow region of the leader of the Ukrainian opposition party Oplot Yevgeny Zhilin.

Yevgeny Zhilin (left) and Denis Voronenkov

According to the agency interlocutors, the following events led to the last crime. In 2016, a large Kharkov businessman, the owner of a number of shopping centers, decided to withdraw $ 6 million to Europe. For help in this matter, he turned to an acquaintance – influential businessman Pavel F., who in turn recalled his acquaintance Maxim – the son of the law of Vladimir Yurchenko (Seva, who was killed in 1998).

Maxim undertook to organize an “envelope”, and Pavel F. acted as a kind of guarantee that the shadow operation would take place normally.

However, after the money went to the “platform” of Maxim, their owner knew nothing more about them. Maxim referred to some objective reasons, but there were suspicions that $ 6 million was simply shared by the son of the “lawyer”, Yuri Vasilenko and the gangsters associated with him.

The injured businessman turned for help to his friend and a reliable cover for Yevgeny Zhilin, who had a group of militants in Kharkiv “under arms”. Zhilin immediately began very hard to attack Maxim, Yuri Vasilenko and Pavel F. The latter, however, was entirely on the side of the injured entrepreneur, he himself pressed Maxim and Yuri Vasilenko to return the money. In the end, Pavel F. entered into a conflict with them and refused to communicate further.

Thus, Zhilin began to attack only Maxim and Yury Vasilenko, on account of the debt “pressing off” their assets in Kharkov. It all ended with the fact that in September 2016, Zilina was shot by a killer at the Veterok restaurant in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

According to an agency source, investigators have already established that in the Moscow region Zhilin was supervised by a relative of Yuri Vasilenko. Later it was he who provided the weapons and the car to three direct perpetrators of the murder. One of the killers, Nikolai Didkovsky, was put on the international wanted list.

“This is far from the only murder committed by the group of Yury Vasilenko,” the agency source said. “The bloody trail” has been dragging on it since the time of the shooting in 2007 of the authoritative businessman Maxim Kurochkin (Max Besheny).

There was talk that Yury Vasilenko and his friend and business partner Eduard Axelrod were involved in organizing and searching for performers. The same pair found performers for the execution of the former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Voronenkov. SBU believes that the “customer” of this crime was Vladimir Tyurin.

Then a conflict arose between Yury Vasilenko and Axelrod, who seemed to start cooperating with the SBU in the “Voronenkov case”, due to which he remained at large. After that, in November 2017, he was shot by a killer in Kharkov. ”

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