On the Patriarch’s Ponds in the Grand Palashevsky Lane the restaurant of Arkady Novikov SHIBA was opened. Sushi and sashimi are cooked in a contact sushi bar, the quality of the dishes is answered by the chef Masao Kikuchi and Andrei Tsoy, the interior is reigned with the authentic atmosphere of Japan.

SHIBA in translation from one of the Japanese dialects means “small place”. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant supports the concept of chamberiness: the space is designed for fifty-six guests, so that almost from any place you can observe the work of a contact sushi bar, where sushi, rolls and sashimi are prepared.

Tandem of the two countries in the kitchen of SHIBA is presented by the chefs – Masao Kikuchi and Andrei Tsoi. Japanese Kikuchi works in the kitchen from the age of 16; more than ten years he perfected his skills in traditional restaurants in Japan, then in Canada, and then in March 2018 he accepted an offer to lead the kitchen of the new project of Arkady Novikov. Masao and Andrew carefully monitor the quality of fish, which is brought to the restaurant straight from Japan, combine it with Russian ingredients and use Japanese cooking techniques to achieve a better taste.

The menu is made up of classic dishes and world hits of Japanese cuisine. The main focus is fresh fish and seafood. Eleven species of sashimi and twelve sushi for every taste. Here you can find toro, shimaji, suzuki, hamachi, tuna, uni, etc. In addition, SHIBA presents a large selection of temaki, as well as rolls.

The menu is regularly updated, this time it replenished with Japanese oyster Osaka. Soft soft meat of this delicacy is an excellent accompaniment to almost any wine. In SHIBA these seafood are brought under the order from specialized farms of Japan. Another authentic novelty €

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