WUHU, China, November 2, 2018 w. / PRNewswire / – The first Chery fans festival ended on November 29 with a visit to the company’s factory in Wuhu. Following a visit to the Chery production base and test center, as well as a close acquaintance with new models, the owners of the brand’s cars from all over the world gained in-depth knowledge of modern technologies, excellent quality and progress made by their favorite brand on the way to their development.

Excellence at all stages from design to production

The engine is the “heart” of any car. On the morning of October 29, the owners of Chery cars visited the second engine plant of this company. They were able to see with their own eyes the process of producing engines developed by Chery’s own specialists. Thanks to the comments of the professional engineer who accompanied them, the guests learned about the use of modern Chery engines in cars of this brand. As a devoted fan of the brand, Iraqi Assem shared his impressions. He observed the evolution of the Chery engines from A1 to A3, and then to Tiggo. This is a Chinese auto brand, well-known in the international arena, constantly carries out independent design and development. Chery’s third-generation engines, the most prominent representative of which is the 1.6TGDI model, with thermal efficiency of more than 37.1 percent, can compete with European and American luxury brands in terms of fuel efficiency and power. Chery 3.0 cars equipped with such engines meet all the expectations of their owners.

The foreign guests of the brand had the opportunity to visit the welding and assembly shops of Chery, as well as the laboratory where tests for collisions, noise, vibrations and body rigidity are carried out. Chery’s welding shop, equipped with a “flexible automatic welding line,” is distinguished by a high level of automation and complies with advanced international standards; A modern crash safety test system meets the requirements of C-NCAP, E-NCAP, American standards and is able to simulate a car collision in a wide variety of conditions. To earn the trust of customers, any brand must respect their needs. In the Chery project center, the owners of the cars of this brand met with “HDS” and other design concepts. Guests were invited to evaluate the new models from the inside and outside, as well as make comments and suggestions to help make these products better.

Meet new models and recognize Chery benefits

Providing its customers with maximum driving comfort and driving has been and remains the same desire of the Chery brand. All new models of this brand, including the Arrizo 6, Tiggo 8, Tiggo 4 and Arrizo 5, were presented

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