IMPORTANT: Surkov and Boroday hold a meeting of Donbass volunteers – details (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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As reported by “RV”, today, 02/15/2019, in Moscow, in the “President Hotel”, the Council of Commanders of the Union of Donbass Volunteers was held .

Details “Russian Spring” told the press service of the SDD.

The beginning of the Commanders’ Council was marked by the welcoming speech of the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov.

Alexander Yurievich Boroday, Chairman of the Board of the BDD, made an assessment of the general situation in the Donbas and abroad, as well as a story about the current activities of the BDM.

“The Union is developing. We need to move on. At the moment, a lot has been done in the medical and social sphere, and in the military-patriotic education of young people, in the legal direction … About 800 wounded were treated with the help of the SDD, and many were provided with high-tech medical care, more than 400 people avoided being deported thanks to our work …

Yes, from Kiev in the midst of the elective race, you can expect anything. If the situation requires it, we will mobilize volunteers as soon as possible. To this we, as a Union, are ready. ”

Andrei Yurevich Pinchuk, head of SDD, reminded everyone about the need for information security. As well as the need for social support for volunteers and their families, including the families of the dead volunteers.

Further agenda of the event:

The role of volunteers in the Russian spring of 2014 in the Crimea (V. Yu. Anosov);

Problems of finding volunteers in places of detention in the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, including prior to court hearings (Markov AG);

The implementation of military-patriotic work with the younger generation (Svinukhov A.Yu.);

Perpetuation of the memory of Oleg Mamiev, call sign – “Mamai” (Havchenko D.V.);

Problems of volunteer socialization, adaptation to a peaceful life in the conditions of economic crisis (O. Kulygina);

Promising projects SDD (Boroday A.Yu.).

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