LAS VEGAS (LAS VEGAS), January 10, 2019 / PRNewswire / – ILIFE, the world-famous manufacturer of vacuum cleaning robots, today introduced the revolutionary line of A9 devices – A9 and A9s. The presentation of new products was held during the CES 2019 exhibition. CES, held in Las Vegas, is the most influential exhibition of the technology industry in the world.

Equipped with an updated PanoView navigation feature and a Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system, the latest A9 line is designed specifically for a smart and clean home. The unique design of a robot vacuum cleaner resembling a vinyl record adds an extra artistic touch to the living space.

Ruler A9 Series: vacuum cleaning robots who can feel

The A9 Series range includes two models: A9 and A9s. The vacuum cleaner A9 is able to “see” the environment, “hear” the owner’s commands and “understand” the instructions, which gives him the opportunity to perform the assigned tasks with extremely high accuracy. Such abilities are provided by a live vision camera, Alexa-compatible speech recognition system, and CV-SLAM technology. In addition, A9s is equipped with an innovative water tank with an artificial vibrator that allows you to perform wet floor cleaning in the same way as living people.

Representing the greatest ILIFE technological breakthrough to date, the A9 and A9s have the following features:

PanoView Navigation System – cleaning in clear vision

Thanks to the live view camera and the modern algorithm, the A9 device scans and maps the surrounding space for cleaning the whole house along a systematic route. Unlike other robots that perform their function in an arbitrary mode, such a systematic approach allows you to effectively avoid gaps and re-processing of areas.

Cleaning system Gen 3 CyclonePower – 3 approaches to perfect cleaning

The system performs a thorough cleaning in three stages – side brushes with bristles located at a particular angle and having a certain length, effectively capture dirt and debris in the corners and along the walls, a roller brush in the lower part of the vacuum cleaner, and a powerful suction force ensure maximum removal of debris .

Smart ElectroWall – knows its limits

The ElectroWall function does not allow A9 line devices to enter unwanted areas — be it a children’s playroom or a room where clothes are lying on the floor. Simply place an electronic fence near the wall to mark an area that does not require cleaning.

Integrated dry and wet cleaning functions are a double process. Double purity. (only in model A9s)

To achieve the perfect result, comparable to manual floor cleaning, the developers equipped the A9s vacuum cleaner with a patented water tank with artificial vibration and two separate compartments. The vibration of the built-in electric motor ensures a close contract of the cleaning lining with the floor and thus guarantees the active elimination of pollution. Three adjustable levels of water flow allow battery

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