Author of numerous hits for Russian pop stars, composer of the acclaimed rock opera “Perfume” Igor Demarin prepares in January the premiere of the new musical project “Miracles in Two Hours”. The musical, the premiere of which will take place on January 12 and 13 on the stage of the theater “Russian song”, is designed for a family audience.

Actors Stanislav Duzhnikov, Valery Yaremenko, Lika Rullla, a participant in the TV show “Voice. Children” Alexander Savinov and Igor Demarin himself take part in the musical project. The main role will be performed by a 10-year-old girl Tanya Lugovaya.

With a student of the 4th grade of a school near Moscow, Mytishchi, the musician met after seeing her in a TV story. The composer was interested in an unusual girl with a unique gift to communicate with animals and a perfect ear for music. Having found the heroine of the plot and met her personally, Igor Demarin made her an offer to play the role of the main character of the new musical “Miracles in two hours.”

“Tanya immediately conquered me with her openness, naivety and purity,” says Igor Demarin. “She also has a big heart. After all, only a good person can love animals and even understand them so.”

The girl, as Igor Demarin found out, is not only an unusual gift for a person to understand what animals are “talking about”, but also an impeccable ear for music and good vocal abilities. Tanya shared with the composer that she was engaged in vocal with a private teacher, because she decided to realize her dream – last New Year she made a wish to sing on the big stage.

The acquaintance with Tanya Lugovoy so inspired the composer that he made her parents an unexpected offer – that Tanya would play the main role in the musical “Miracles in two hours”.

“I really liked this desire of Tanya,” Igor Demarin admits. “I immediately wanted to plunge into a fairy tale.”

After the meeting, Igor wrote a song for an unusual schoolgirl from Mytishchi.

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