MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. The International Biathlon Union (IBU) confirmed on Friday in its statement that four Russian biathlon racers were still suspected of violating anti-doping regulations.

The IBU announced on August 30 that four Russian biathlon athletes were allegedly involved in violations of anti-doping regulations, but did not disclose their names at that time.

The organization announced today that the athletes at the issue are Olympic Champion Svetlana Sleptsova, Olympic Champion Evgeny Ustyugov, European Champion Alexander Pechenkin and World Youth Champion Alexander Chernyshov.

“The International Biathlon Union has filed cases against four Russian biathletes with its Anti-Doping Hearing Panel (ADHP),” the IBU said in its statement. “The four athletes subject to the ADHP proceedings are Evgeny Ustyugov, Svetlana Sleptsova, Alexander Pechenkin and Alexander Chernyshov.”

“The IBU’s decision is based on the analytical findings in samples of the athletes collected between 2012 and 2015. These findings are supported by corroborative evidence from the data and information disclosed in the McLaren Report,” the statement reads.

“Alexander Pechenkin, who is the only active athlete among the four charged, has been provisionally suspended,” according to the stamen. “The athletes will now be given an opportunity for hearings at the federation’s anti-doping body.

“The IBU Expert Working Group is continuing to investigate further potential ADRVs of other biathletes from Russia,” the statement added.

In December 2017, the IBU Executive Board made a decision to limit the rights of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) with the international organization due to numerous doping abuse allegations. The RBU was particularly stripped of the right to vote at the IBU Congresses and nominate its candidates for the executive posts in the global organization.

Participants of the IBU Congress, held in Croatia’ Porec on September 6-9, voted against reinstating the RBU in its full rights with the global organization. The decision came in the wake of new doping abuse allegations against four Russian athletes. Twenty nine members voted against and 20 cast their votes in favor of reinstating the RBU’s full rights with the IBU.

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