SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 27, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Huawei has created an optical transport network (OTN) using full spectral multiplexing (DWDM) technology for Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). DWDM technology provides network bandwidth of 100 Gb / s and the ability to effectively expand broadband network systems. OTN products based on DWDM for ÖBB were introduced at various locations in Austria and Germany.

One of the most reliable railway operators in Europe

As one of the leading Austrian transport companies, the ÖBB group annually transports 459 million passengers and 115 million tons of cargo by rail. The company is among the most reliable railway operators in Europe and can boast of punctuality at the level of 96 percent. A staff of 40,000 employees of the group is working to ensure that 1.3 million passengers safely travel to their destination on a daily basis.

Demonstrating the annual growth of rail transportation at the level of 10-15 percent, ÖBB faced the problem of excessive load on backbone communication networks used by it for dispatching traffic and ticket sales. Of no less importance was the need to modernize the management of high-speed trains – also on the basis of ICT. Planning to expand its railway network in the future with coverage of 90 percent of the country’s territory, ÖBB is preparing to build additional stations and build up existing resources of local and broadband broadband networks. All existing and future stations will be equipped with video surveillance systems in HD format, intelligent office systems and other information solutions designed for the needs of the railway. To meet the growing demand for rail transportation in Austria, the company needed a new high-speed backbone network.

The best-in-class communication network is the main trump card

The old 10 GB network of ÖBB has suffered from the problem of improper functioning of network devices, since its download reached 80 percent of the total bandwidth. Relying on this network, it was impossible to meet the new needs of wireless monitoring of train traffic, centralized dispatching and automatic control. Smart offices and modern production systems required connection to a unified high-speed backbone network that provides the necessary communications and dispatch functions. In addition, the characteristics of rail transport require absolute network security and reliability from network communication systems.

According to the management of the ÖBB, the creation of a stable, high-speed and high-quality network serves as a basis for the development of railway communication. In other words, the best in its class network is an absolute trump card for the advanced railway operator. In keeping with this concept, ÖBB was looking for a competent partner capable of deploying networks in an industrial environment.

Technologies DWDM from Huawei

Analyzing the needs of the Austrian operator, Huawei decided to use the technologies DWDM, widely used in the telecommunications market to create optical transport networks.

The inherent separation architecture of the tributary and linear signal provides OTN networks with the most efficient use of line capacity, guarantees access to various services and

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