How will the echo of the Ukrainian elections in the Donbass

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In the Russian Empire, the Donbass was formed as its coal and metallurgical base. And today, the products of its enterprises can be sold either in a large state or exported.

To date, the problem of sales of metallurgical products DNR and LC is not solved. According to the rules of world trade, any buyer of the Donetsk or Lugansk metal will be forced to pay a full import duty in the destination country, since the goods originate from unrecognized states.

In the usual case, a preferential fee is paid, which is 50% of the full rate. As a result, the mining and metallurgical enterprises of the republics are forced to stand idle.

Today it is obvious that the Russian spring in Novorossia choked in Mariupol.

The city was almost taken by militias. But it was not necessary to take him. It was enough for the militia to advance to Melitopol, cutting the way to Zaporizhia. And Mariupol, and Berdyansk, and the land corridor to the Crimea would be in their hands.

But … In Mariupol, there are two giant metallurgical plant. In the case of the city joining the DPR, its metallurgical enterprises would have lost their customers, since due to the increase in payments for import duties, the products were found to be uncompetitive.

As a result, tens of thousands of metallurgists in Mariupol would have lost their jobs. The difficulty lies in the fact that the certificate of origin of goods is a mandatory document for each consignment. And it will indicate where it is produced. There are different ways out of the situation.

So, we know about shrimp of Belarusian origin. Polish agricultural products, hitting the territory of Belarus, receive local certificates of origin, and then safely follow the Russian Federation, breaking the embargo. But with metal such options will not pass.

The economy of today’s Russia has grown into the world economy. It has enough of its own metal for its own needs and for export. And the metal from the independent republics of Russia simply has nowhere to attach.

A possible solution to the issue is to return the independent republics to Ukraine on certain special rights.

Then the metal becomes Ukrainian, and at the final recipient its import will be taxed at a preferential rate. It is difficult to describe in what stupor people of the DPR and LPR introduce such thoughts.

At least 90 percent of civil servants of the republics are on the Peacemaker website. The Ukrainian amnesty, agreed upon by the Minsk agreements, will not save anyone from anything.

This was confirmed by the events of May 2, 2014 in Odessa.

There, some activists were killed by other activists with the full connivance of the Ukrainian authorities.

The transfer of independent republics to the bosom of Ukraine will lead to a mass exodus of the pro-Russian-minded population to Russia.

In this connection, the recent visit to Moscow by Yu. A. Boyko and V. V. Medvedchuk is very alarming.

Through the events of the visit, there is an intention to return the DPR and the LPR to Ukraine in some way.

Based on the above, of the two candidates in the Ukrainian elections, I would prefer Poroshenko. He is absolute evil. And it is clear what will happen next. Time will tell – how the echo of the Ukrainian elections in the Donbass will respond …

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Yuri Nikolaev, especially for the “Russian Spring”

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