In an interview with the Polish edition, Polityka, Metropolitan of Warsaw and All Poland Sawa, explained why he did not recognize Epiphanius (Dumenko), head of the “new Ukrainian church”.

The priest said that he considers him a “secular man.”

“In the light of canon law, he is not a priest. He is not ordained in the canonical church, ”the Metropolitan of Warsaw explained.

According to him, the situation may change if “the schismatics return to the bosom of the Orthodox Church,” from which they broke away.

In addition, he admitted that he feared the deterioration of the religious situation in Poland itself.

“I have already spoken of canon law. Breaking it is a bad precedent. It is possible that in Poland, where more than a million Ukrainians live, there will be a group of believers for whom Filaret will try (here) to organize his parishes. <...> I recently heard that the Right Sector * * had already studied the possibilities of Epiphanius’s visit to Poland. Chaos awaits us, ”the metropolitan believes.

He stressed that the Ukrainian authorities “must first unite the country, put an end to the war, and only then engage in church affairs.”

On Sunday, the Patriarch of Constantinople handed over to Tomos about the autocephaly of the “new church”. The document contains restrictions that make the structure dependent on Constantinople.

For example, its jurisdiction is limited to the territory of the country; it cannot establish bishops or establish paraffin (parishes) abroad. In the Russian Orthodox Church, the autocephaly was called a dummy, and the day of the signing of the Thomos – tragic in the history of universal Orthodoxy.

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* extremist group banned in the Russian Federation.

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