Kosovo President Hashim Thaci

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci

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BELGRADE, December 28. /TASS/. President of the unrecognized republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaci has written on Facebook that he had signed a package of three laws envisaging the creation of a full-fledged army in the self-proclaimed republic.

“I inform [you] with the highest responsibility for the state and with pride that today I signed the laws, which will finalize the creation of the Kosovo army. We created our army ten years after the declaration of independence and twenty years after the liberation. That all was only possible thanks to the sacrifice of many generations, which have always been a guiding line for us,” Thaci wrote, adding that the army will ensure “better prospects for new generations” of Kosovars.

On December 14, The Kosovo parliament endorsed the formation of the full-fledged army based on the Kosovo Security Force. Three bills were put to vote stipulating the formation of Kosovo’s army. All those present voted for them, no one abstained. Members of the Serb List political party left the hall and did not take part in the voting.

According to the NATO secretary general, Kosovo announced plans to establish its own armed forces at the wrong time as this could undermine stability and impair the prospects for Kosovo’s NATO membership.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Kosovo’s move to create its own army could result in dire consequences for both the Serbian population and the security of the Balkan region in general.

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