Germany and Russia should be natural partners – but one of them is a US vassal state and the other is not

Thomas Röper* in Anti-Spiegel: I am asked how Russo-German relations developed in 2018. Unfortunately I have to say that not much has developed there. The reason for this is to be found in geopolitics. Geopolitics at first glance is a topic that is complicated. But only at first glance. In fact, in principle, it is the same as relationships between people, for example, at work. There, too, we know people who use intrigue for their benefit. Geopolitics is nothing else. Someone tries to gain one advantage over another, using third parties that he can either manipulate or even pressure to join in. So to understand geopolitics you do not have to be smarter than other people, you just have to understand the interests of states and their relationships and dependencies. Germany and Russia are states that have an incredible amount of common interests. And their interests complement each other, they are not in conflict with each other. They would actually be natural partners. So you have to…

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