Gazprom will force Europe to throw Ukraine overboard

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Ukraine is still engaged in self-deception, trying to convince itself that it will be able to outplay Russia in the gas market.

From Kiev, one can regularly hear statements that soon Independence Square itself will produce gas in volumes almost more than in Russia.

Of course, from “Naftogaz” constantly heard the words of some awesome “plan B”.

True, more and more factors indicate that this is another empty rhetoric.

Unlike the Ukrainian gas company, in Russia they keep their word, therefore, starting from the new year, Gazprom will turn off transit to Europe through Nezalezhnaya completely.

It is clear that the profitability of the pipe through Ukraine has lost, so there is no one who wants to sit and continue to nurse with Kiev because of its whims.

The experts of the Center for Globalistics “Strategy XXI”, who wrote a publication in the weekly “Mirror of the Week” in Kiev, understand this. Potter and Stukalenko, who prepared the material, are also convinced that Ukraine has no positive prospects on the gas market.

The mood of Gazprom is serious.

So, the Russian company will once again show everyone to “fucking mother”, and Ukraine against this background will prove to be an unreliable and unreliable transit country.

Of course, there will not be anyone willing to deal with such a partner. They are gradually turning away from Square, so in vain Kiev hopes that it is worth waiting for help from Europe.

Now the EU-Russia mood is played by the Russian-German sentiment.

The interests of the two countries are “on tides”, forcing the whole of Europe to keep abreast. All the anti-Russian Euro-institutions that were previously conceived failed, because now, for the sake of LNG supplies, the countries did not care about their own economic security strategy.

According to this document, the volume of Russian gas should not exceed one third of all imports to Europe.

However, before the launch of Nord Stream – 2, this figure was already close to 50%. Even Brussels is powerless in this situation, what can we say about Ukraine, which continues to believe that it will still be able to outplay such a titanium gas market as Russia.

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Alina Kuzmina, especially for the “Russian Spring”

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