From WWII relics to modern US drones: Spoils of Syrian war displayed in Russia (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Weaponry captured from militants during the anti-terrorism campaign in Syria has been put on display in Russia. RT highlights the most peculiar trophies, which range from WWII relics to modern drones, used by US special ops.

The weapons have been put on display at the Army-2018 forum, which is being held outside Moscow near the city of Kubinka. Small pieces are displayed in a pavilion while larger objects, such as tanks and cars, are out in the open.

Some of the weapons are more suited to a collector’s closet or a museum rather than to an actual war zone. The WWII relics include StG 44s, made in Nazi Germany. The war castoffs made it into Syria from Eastern Germany in the 1960s, when the latter country transitioned to Soviet weaponry.

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