Former US ambassador perpetuates myth that it’s ‘not safe’ for American tourists to go to Russia

American tourists or students who were considering taking a trip to Russia should probably strike it from their bucket lists, as former US ambassador Michael McFaul has warned on Twitter that it is no longer safe. This, of course, is total nonsense. Yet, in a sensational Twitter post on Wednesday, McFaul used the arrest of Paul Whelan – an American arrested for suspected espionage in Moscow – to suggest that traveling to Russia poses a safety risk to American tourists in general. In reality, Russia is as safe for American tourists (or any other tourists, for that matter) as any other European country is – and the fact that a former official who really should know better is perpetuating the myth of deep, dark, dangerous Russia is utterly ridiculous. Comment: Anyone interested in what it’s like visiting Russia as a tourist should read the observations of all the people who went to Russia for the World Cup over the 2018 summer: The Resounding Success of the World Cup is a Great…

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